How Heavy Should your Kettlebell Be?

What Weight Should Your Kettlebell BeThe most important thing to know when shopping for a kettlebell is to know how heavy it should be. To answer this question there are a few things we need to look at first. By answering these questions honestly you should find it much easier to pick the right kettlebell that matches your own particular situation.

By choosing to train at home with kettlebells you have already taken the first step to getting in great shape and living a more healthier and energetic life!

Are You New to Weight Training?

If you are just starting out with weight training, or any kind of resistance training then you can consider yourself a beginner. This is a good thing as beginners make the most progress in the shortest amount of time! If you have some experience of working out or doing exercises with weights, then you should be able to adapt to kettlebell training quite easily, provided you start off with the right weight. For those of you who are new to kettlebell training but have used free weights a lot already, they you can jump right in at the deep end and start kettlebell training with anger!

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Use the rough guide below to help you find out how heavy your kettlebell should be:

  • New to weight training and working out: 10 to 15 pound kettlebell
  • Some experience of working out or exercise but no kettlebell experience: 20 to 30 pound weight
  • New to kettlebell training but have history of weight training: 35+ pound kettlebell

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Although these guides are rough and only you really know how strong you are, they are a good guide to picking your first kettlebell in order to start doing some home kettlebell training. If the weights are too light or too heavy, simply change the type of kettlebell routine you are following to make your workout easier or harder.  This can also improve the longevity of the weight you buy, saving you money in the long run.

What Are Your Goals?

If your home workout goals are to get lean, toned and healthy looking and avoid becoming skinny fat, then the weight of kettlebell you will need is going to be different to that of someone who wants to get big and strong. Kettlebell training is perfect for both men and women who want to shape up at home.  Just make sure you follow the right routine that is in alignment with your goals.

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Lots of women are put off of weight training as they incorrectly assume they will become big and bulky overnight. This isn’t the case and unless you go all out and follow a muscle building workout routine it won’t happen. Read this article on why kettlebell training is great for women if you still have doubts.

So let’s take a look at the different goals you might have and what the best kettlebell weight is to help you reach them:

  • Get lean, toned and firm up: 10 to 15 pound kettlebell
  • The above but with some clear muscle definition and increased size: 20 to 30 pound weight
  • Muscle building is the main goal: 35+ pound ‘bells
  • Get fit by doing home cardio kettlebell routine: 10 to 20 pound weight

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Look Like Ryan Reynolds with Kettlebell TrainingIf you don’t want to increase the size of your muscles so that they are visible through your clothes then a lighter weight will be good to help you get started on your kettlebell journey.

For those of you looking for that modern movie star look (think more Ryan Reynolds than Arnie) aim for a heavier weight in the 20 to 30 pound region. This will get you started and on your way to a more muscular physique that doesn’t frighten people off!

If you are aiming for the most muscle mass and strength increases possible, then you are going to lift as hard and as heavy as you can. Something in the 35+ pound range will get you started.

For those of you who are more interested in improving your fitness levels and doing a circuit training routine at home, a lighter weight will be of more use to you. By doing a full on 30 minute circuit routine with a 10 to 20 pound kettlebell you can really increase your fitness levels and burn up some calories in order to lose that stubborn fat! Whatever your goals, doing some kind of cardio training is a good idea to keep you fit and healthy. By using a kettlebell when circuit training at home you can kill two birds with one stone and have access to resistance and cardio training at home with just one piece of fitness equipment.

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The above recommendations covering how heavy your kettlebell should be are estimates and as everyone is different you should try and do a bit of research into what weights you are comfortable with. The above guide assumes you are new to kettlebell training. The more experience you have, the more you will be able to lift. Try experimenting by lifting some household objects and seeing how comfortably you can do a few reps with them.

But remember, you can make exercises more difficult or easier by changing the way you do them, so one weight can last you a long time, simply by changing the routine or way you do an exercise.

We hope you found this article helpful, leave a comment below to let us know which weight you decided to buy and what your goals are.


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