Do Resistance Bands Build Muscle?

Can you Build Muscle with Exercise Bands?The question as to whether or not resistances bands can help you build muscle is a good one. If you take a look at this type of fitness equipment, it is easy to see why someone might wonder if they really are up to the job of building muscle. They don’t look like they could be effective at increasing your strength and helping you put on some muscle, especially when you compare resistance bands with free weights.

But the truth is: you can build muscle with resistance bands. You might not get results as quickly as if you were training in a gym or at home with free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells but you will make progress nonetheless. The main caveat, though, is that you chose the right set of resistance bands.

How to Build Muscle with Resistance Bands

As with all weight training, you need to increase the load you put on your muscles in order for them to keep growing. If you start training with 10kg dumbbells, they might be difficult to lift at first but soon they will become easily to handle. This is because your strength has increased and your muscles have grown. However, if you keep using these weights your muscles won’t grow any more as they are strong enough for the task in hand. Even if you increase the reps and sets, you will not get stronger or larger muscles.
Inexpensive Exercise Bands are a Great Alternative to the GymSo in order to make your muscles grow you need to keep increasing the load or weight you make them lift. This can be a problem with resistance bands because, depending on the product you get, you might only have one band and be unable to change the resistance level it offers. In order to continue to build muscle with a resistance band you need to either buy a new set when the current one gets too easy to use, or buy a set that is adjustable and comes with a range of bands that will allow you to increase the difficulty of the exercises. One such set of exercise bands, that also happens to be the number one best seller on, is the Black Mountain Resistance Band Set which comes with a large selection of bands, handles and accessories. Getting a versatile set like this will ensure you keep building your muscles with resistance bands without the need to buy more equipment within a matter of months as you would with some of the smaller sets.

So there you have. It is possible to build muscles with resistance bands as long as you pick the right one and train correctly. Diet is very important too so make sure you check out the Lean Ape Living book for diet tips and ideas.

  • If you really want a low cost alternative to the gym then getting yourself a set of inexpensive resistance bands is a great way to train at home for muscle growth, strength increases and fat loss


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